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belts's Journal

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well if you havent figured it out yet this is a community dedicated to belts. i created this community because i think belts are super nifty and uh..they hold up your pants? anyways post pictures, talk about where to get them, tips on how to jazz them up, sell/trade them, ask questions and junk like that. if you decide to post more then one picture (or its a large picture) please use the LJ cut feature.

well there isnt that many rules. i just want this to be a fun place.
[x] please dont make any rude comments/posts. they will be deleted if i feel it should be done. if you continue to make posts of the sort you will probably be banned.
[x] try to keep all posts on topic. if they are not they will be deleted. an acception is if your looking for new friends to add to your list. so please no promotional posts or things of the sort. unless your company or whatever sells belts/things to go on your belts.
[x] dont post to many entries in the community a day. we dont want to flood others friends lists with crap.
i think thats all for now?

soon to come.

[x] if you have any suggestions/donations for the community (new interests, icons etc) feel free to share them.