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Please Buy stuff and Help me Keep my Home???

I need to get rid of everything in order to make some money to pay my bills. I’m in a serious situation and I might end up homeless.

My physically, emotionally and sexually abusive boyfriend of one year and I just split. He was the sole earner of income as I lost my job a coupld of months ago. He took everything when we ended it, including what little I had in my bank account. He left me with overdue bills and a crisis situation. I was just in the hospital and released a few days ago. I got an eviction notice, disconnection notices from hydro, gas and phone upon my arrival back at home. I have no food. I literally have crumbs to eat and I have nowhere to go. I'm selling this for extra cash and in case I have to be out on the streets, I have to get rid of some things that aren't necessary for my survival. I hope you'll buy something to help me. Even a little bit helps. Thank you. Oh and don’t ask me how I have the internet, it’s paid ahead of time and I have it until they cut my phone.

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Please help me out! The prices aren’t set in stone, I will negotiate. You can email me your best offer or put it in a comment and we’ll work something out! Thank you so much!

There are tons of Carebears and CDs for sale. There’s lots of clothing, accessories, makeup, movies, DVDs, etc....

Check it out and add it to your list!!!!

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